Holy Royal Arch Connaught Chapter

Connaught Chapter 3573

Consecrated 23rd November 1922

In 1922 nine members of Connaught Lodge submitted a petition seeking permission to create a new Royal Arch Chapter in Midsomer Norton to be attached to their lodge. Their prayer was answered and a Charter of Constitution authorising them to form the Connaught Chapter was issued. Both Connaught Lodge and Chapter are named after HRH The Duke of Connaught who was the third son of Queen Victoria.

The Consecration ceremony was held at 11.45am on the 23rd November 1922 in the Masonic Hall, Midsomer Norton and was conducted by the Provincial Grand Superintendent Colonel William Long. The Ceremony was followed by luncheon at a cost of Three Shillings and Sixpence. 17.5p!!! Sounds cheap but the equivalent in the year 2000 would have been £23.05p!!!

For the first 40 years all new members of Connaught Chapter came from Connaught Lodge but that all changed in 1962 when Bro. Tom Powell of Whitchurch Lodge No. 6942 was Exalted.

Today new members come from various Lodges throughout the Area, and all are very welcome.

Connaught Chapter is very proud to have as one of its members E.Comp. Clive Lambert who is the Deputy Grand Superintendent for Somerset.

In 2022 Connaught Chapter will celebrate its Centenary. A year of Celebrations will culminate in November with the whole Provincial Team being in attendance who will present the Chapter with its Centenary Certificate and a brand-new Banner.

All new members to Chapter must be subscribing members of a Craft Lodge.

Applications for membership can be made through the Secretary of Connaught Lodge via Contact Us

The Three Principals for 2021/22 together with the newest member, Companion Paul Charlton. 9 November 2021
Connaught Chapter 9 November 2021. Back Left: E. Companion Graham Watts, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies. Front Row Left to Right: E. Companion Clive Lambert, Deputy Grand Superintendent. E. Companion Frank Silver, Second  Principal. E. Companion Peter Kuzemka, First Principal. E. Companion Mike Kinnersley, Third Principal. E. Companion Geoff Lester, 2ndProvincial Grand Principal
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